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Security Comsumables

Watermark Security Papers

The Image, letters and characters which are placed in and merged with paper warps according to paper thickness. Watermarks are visible by transmitted light.

Fluorescent Ink

Fluorescent ink contains fluorescent pigments and is used to print texts and images. This kind of ink is visible under the natural light and the fluorescent in it is visible under the UV light. Fluorescent is a short lifetime light that stops in 8-10 seconds.

Rainbow Ink

This kind of ink contains transparent pigments that create a flaky mode in particles because a thick layer of it deposits. When the light angle is changed, a sheen and pearl-like status is created.

Rainbow Fluorescent Ink

It is a kind of rainbow ink that becomes visible when it is exposed to the UV light.

Thermo Chromatic Ink (Thermal)

It is a special ink that has different colors in different temperatures.

Optical Variable Ink (OVI)

This kind of ink contains optical variable pigments that include a vast range of colors according to the viewer’s angle or transmitted light angle. Optical variable ink contains different layers of pearl-like particles in transparent ink. Flaky pigments are visible by optical equipments with very short wavelength.

Photo Chromatic Ink

Photo Chromatic ink color is changed if it is exposed to UV light. When UV light meets photo chromatic ink, color change happens. This remains for a few seconds after we stop the UV light.





Holograms have a high recognition value due to their eye-catching appearance. Above all, they provide your product with the highest level of security against forgeries. Our hologram / Nanogram™ can not be copied by any known technology.



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