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Personalization Systems

IXLA 100 evo 

It is one of our Best seller in Card personalization (Desktop Card Laser Personalization System)


Size: 67 X 47 X 40 cm
Weight: 45 Kg.

Laser type: diode pumped solid state laser Nd YAG 1064
Laser power: 10 W
Raster and vector graphics
Automated card input/output storage
Flip over and CLI
Contact chip
Personalize normal text, microtext, images (face, signature), OCR-B, MRZ and tactile
Filter system to filter fumes

Auto-positioning XY camera
CLI/MLI mechanism
PC/SC module for contacts mod. Gemalto PC Twins
RFID reader/encoder according ISO/IEC 14443 A/B with the antenna. Connection through USB interface (PCSC protocol)


ICP-1000 Card Personalization System

The continuous Innovation in Card Personalization

plus a revolutionary, modular software concept for GSM-Cards, ID-Cards, SIM-Cards, Financial-Cards, Loyalty-Cards...

Innovative Card Systems and its software partner can provide a software platform with professional solutions for the card industry.

The modular software concept allows an integration of any personalisation module developed by Innovative Card Systems, regardless whether it is available today or tomorrow.



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