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IdeaTec was established in 2006 with the idea of supplying electronic and print media equipments and consumables, based on its funders’ many years of experience.

The company, as a system integrator offers consulting, study, research and development of the strategic plan in accordance with international standards, and monitor its proper implementation to meet the matching requirements and services (Supply-Demand Matching). It is ready to supply following products and services:

  1. Print process management (MIS, ERP, W2P)
  2. Printing plan layout and suitable workflow  based on standards
  3. Implementing national printing standards based on international standards of graphic arts
  4. Implementing environmental and architectural standards in printing houses
  5. Supplying technical knowledge, equipment and materials for security printing
  6. Supplying software and hardware solutions in the smart media section
  7. Presenting any type of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems

Software development is the main activity in the company.

We have developed and support some sort of software in management, monitoring, and tracking in printing and electronic media.

The company is proud of giving services to the customers by presenting unique high technology in the above fields. 


 Some of the company’s customers are: 

  • Iran national print house
  • Meli Bank printing and publishing company
  • Ravagh-e-roshanmehr printing company
  • Entkhabe resaneh printing company
  • Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance
  • National organization of standard
  • Payam -e- Noor printing and publishing company
  • Vaje pardaz andishe printing and publishing company
  • Lale computer printing company
  • ....



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